Another of the website services we offer is SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization – a science on its own. We take the pain away from your business by providing the latest recommendations in what works with SEO, what is important to you, and ensuring we deliver the results you need to stay ahead of your competition. We take a strategic look at your goals and long range expectations for your business, and make SEO recommendations that will meet and exceed your expectations with your online presence. We provide two different SEO services.

The first is when building your website, ensuring that the design incorporates the latest in SEO best practice and technology. This is part of our core design service. We give further recommendations on how to optimize your new website so that it is not only great to look at, but has the under-the-hood functionality you need to ensure a smooth SEO experience.

Secondly, we provide an ongoing SEO service that will continually guarantee your site stays front and center of your market place. Whenever Google sneezes, it seems the whole world holds it breath! Now that makes SEO something to get a handle on – wouldn’t you agree?

SEO can be considered an ever-changing landscape and with the nature of the technologies and practices of the internet, whether they be SEO algorithms, statistics and other technologies, or market-place trends and behaviours, this monthly service is designed to deliver you the best real-time experience and return on investment possible.