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I understand that the quality of the hosting service you choose can make or break your business.

No potential client or customer wants to wait around for what seems like forever while they wait for your site to load – in fact, they will probably go to your competitor.

A responsive website begins first of all with the quality of your hosting service.

I offer quality website hosting from as little as just $14.95 per month (paid annually).

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Helpful Notes

Plans: *Pricing quoted for all plans is for annual payments.

Storage: The size limit for your files, email accounts and databases on the hosting server. You are responsible for keeping within the storage limit of your chosen plan. To efficiently use your storage space, you should compress image files as much as possible.

Email addresses: You can set up domain specific email addresses (e.g. and also set up email forwarders from that address to a cloud-based email address such as gmail.

Databases: Each website you host (including those on a subdomain) needs a separate database.

SSL Certificate: It’s essential that you have an SSL Certificate to provide a high level of security on your website (which is a requirement to rank well on Google Search). There are different levels of SSL certification, and we can recommend the most effective for your site.

Cpanel access: This provides many useful tools for managing your files and databases for those who need such access.

Dedicated IP Address: This is required for certain levels of SSL Certification and has other advantages such as assuring website reputation.